Imperial College

Public Awareness and Social Service



Imperial College Public Awareness and Social Service Society (ICPASS) was founded in 2008, and it remains one of the leading HKPASS organisations in the UK. ICPASS strives to raise awareness on public affairs and promote social responsibility. By working closely with other HKPASS organisations, we aim to encourage students to show commitment to society during their university years and beyond.

In terms of public affairs, it is in our best interest to remain politically neutral and embrace different opinions on local and global political affairs, environmental and ethical issues, and technological advancements. With a growth mindset, we encourage students to critically evaluate these issues, at the same time, contribute to these issues through lateral thinking and social service.

Partnering with several charity organisations, both in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, we provide opportunities for members to engage in different social settings and get their hands into volunteering.

In partnership with World Vision, our flagship event Famine24 raises awareness on food shortage, and raises funds for people affected by famine. It also serves as a platform to connect with other HKPASS societies in the UK to contribute to the common good.

Along with PA and SS activities, we also host social events and a mentorship program that allows members to build lifelong relationships. 

Not only does ICPASS offer you a unique opportunity to grow and have fun, but also to find a second family. We wish you an enjoyable university experience and take joy in our events!

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