First meeting of the 2021-2022 Mentoring Programme held by ICAAHK

Our Mentoring Programme Opening Session, co-hosted with ICAAHK and ICCS, was conducted successfully over Zoom on the 24th of July.

Before our parallel breakout sessions, we were honored to have Professor Peter Cheung, the Professor of Digital Systems and Head of Dyson School of Design Engineering in Imperial College to deliver a keynote address on the overview of how education was conducted, support was provided for students, and challenges the cohort faced throughout the last academic year.

Then, we splited everyone into 3 groups based on each mentees’ expressed interest.

Breakout Room 1: Multidisciplinary STEM

Breakout Room 2: Innovation, entrepreneurship and technology

Breakout Room 3: Banking, finance and consultancy

Mentees with a similar field of interest were given the opportunities to ask for career advice from our alumni and experts working in different fields. This year our theme is Tech-Biz Application. This programme led us to think about the direct relationship between technology and business – technology is widely used to build a competitive business, but at the same time, business provides funding for technology to exist. The symbiotic relationship provides a livelihood for both sectors and a profit to boot if successful.

Last but not least, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to ICAAHK and ICCS for all the guidance and help throughout the preparation of the event!

Looking forward to seeing you all next time and please stay tuned on our future events! 

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