Committee members

Current Committee 2022-2023

Marco Yu


Civil Engineering

Sets vision and goals for the year, supervises internal events and leads the committee, networks with external organisations for collaboration​, works closely with ICAAHK to cater the mentorship scheme

Steven Chen

Vice President (Public Awareness)


Organises internal PA events and seminars, produces social media content to raise awareness on global / local issues, prepares participants for external events

Iris Li

Vice President (Social Service)

Mechanical Engineering

Organises our flagship fundraiser Famine 24 and induction events, source​s volunteering events​ and charity fundraisers

Louis Tang


Chemical Engineering 

Proposes and allocates budgets, manages financial affairs​ and bank account​s, reaches out for sponsors​

Anson Wong


Medical Biosciences

Takes minutes, manages written communication with external associations​, handles room booking for events​

Lavender Foo

Publications Officer


Designs graphics for ICPASS events​, coordinates teams in publication of PASSTIMES​, designs society merchandise

Joseph Ho

Social Officer


Organizes socials​, manages ICPASS social media and website, publishes posts/stories​, assists the president in liaison with external parties​

Past committees

2021 – 2022

Kelvin Mang   President

Adrian Wong   Vice President (Public Awareness)

Venus Leung   Vice President (Social Service)

Alexis Lam   Treasurer

Mark Lui   Secretary

Brigid Wong   Publications Officer

Amy Yau   Social Officer

2020 – 2021

Aaron Ko   President

Yasmine Chan   Vice President (Public Awareness)

Kenton Kwok   Vice President (Social Service)

Nicolas Luk   Treasurer

Martha Yeung   Secretary

Stephanie Yeung   Publications Officer

Vera Shek   Social Officer

2019 – 2020

Adrian Kwan   President

Feifei Lo Vice President   (Public Awareness)

Rene Lam   Vice President (Social Service)

Alec Yiu   Treasurer

Jeffrey Yuen   Secretary

Rhea Lau   Publications Officer

Stephanie Ho   Events Officer

2018 – 2019

Jodie Ip   President

Enson Un   Vice President (Public Awareness)

Alex Tam   Vice President (Social Service)

Gloria Cheng   Treasurer

Alex Chan   Secretary

Joyce Lam   Publications Officer

Anakin Kwok   Events Officer

2017 – 2018

Jack Lee   President

Bryan Lau   Vice President (Public Awareness)

Junn Keat   Vice President (Social Service)

Ivan Mang   Treasurer

Lukas Fan   Secretary

Noel Li   IT Officer

2016 – 2017

Andy To   President

Joyce Ip   Vice President (Public Awareness)

Chun Hei Kwok   Vice President (Social Service)

Martin Yau   Treasurer

Laura Lau   Secretary

Spencer Cheung   Publications Officer

Michelle Si   IT Officer