Famine 24

Famine 24 is ICPASS’ annual Flagship event that is held over two days where participants fast for 24 hours to raise money for our beneficiary, World Vision UK.

We aim to enhance participants’ awareness of those living under the poverty line by simulating the situations and experiencing a 24-hour fasting period.

Throughout the 24 hours, we have planned a series of activities and games to increase your awareness on current issues and world problems.

From this event, we hope all participants will gain a new perspective on problems in the world and reflect on the best way to solve them.

2022 Famine 24 – endure, IGNITE, synergise

2022 Famine 24 has been successfully held on 26 and 27 November 2022 with over 80 participants from 9 universities succeeded in the challenge!

We have put the photos of the event in our photo gallery here.

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