Founding vision

ICPASS was founded in 2008 to address three problems:

Discover meaningful pursuits in life

Imperial students often fail to recognize the meaningful pursuits in life. Without much non-academic commitment, many student activities seemed futile.

ICPASS provides opportunities for students to enrich their university experience, and create an impact on the student community and society.

Broaden one’s horizon

Many Hong Kong students, especially those talented scientific and economic minds, are excellent at doing exams, but fall short when it comes to learning a wider range of topics. This is most likely a consequence of Hong Kong’s consumerist culture and exam-oriented education system.

We hope to kindle students’ interest in exploring cross-disciplinary issues through activities and incentives.

Develop social empathy

Overseas students are generally from relatively privileged backgrounds. This makes them unaware of the prevailing issues in society.

ICPASS would like to foster their understanding of social mobility and cultivate social empathy.

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point is, however, to change it.”

Karl Marx

Knowledge that does not lead to action is not true knowledge at all. Therefore, aside from reporting on and discussing the various social issues we face (Public Awareness), ICPASS is committed to creating positive social impact by organising events that go beyond boosting one’s CV, and incentivizing members to be more vocal about social injustice (Social Service).

The structure of ICPASS has adapted and changed throughout the years, yet we have always kept our founding vision firmly in mind.

Adapted from Yu-Xi Chau, founder of ICPASS and Warwick PASS